What’s the Difference Between Magfed & Pump?

Pump Paintball takes you back to the old school, purist days of paintball, where you have to move the pump arm on your paintball marker to load a new paintball and cock the gun before firing.  There are a few different types of pump paintball: Open Class, Stock Class and Modified Stock. Open class tends to have any type of hopper (electronic, gravity or stick), and a standard sized CO2 or HPA bottle, Stock Class has a horizontal 10 round feed tube and a 12 gram CO2 cartridge requiring you to “rock and cock” between shots and replace the CO2 tank every 10-30 shots depending on set up, with Stock class being the closest to true “old school” paintball that you can get.  Modified stock, such as with the new empire snipers has a feed tube and a high capacity tank. There are a bunch of pump groups around Southern California, such as So Cal Stock, LA Hitmen, The Foot Clan and more who are regulars at SC Village and Hollywood Sports, or SD Pump Crew who can be spotted every weekend at Giant San Diego.

Magfed is a more recent addition to the paintball scene and is taking the world by storm, magfed paintball markers are more realistic, milisim style guns with 10-30 round capacity magazines that fire either “roundball” (traditional 68 cal paintballs) or shaped projectiles (such as First strike) giving much more range and accuracy to make up for the lack of capacity. Magfed teams such as SAS SoCal, ODSC are more can be spotted at almost at every scenario game on the West Coast such as Giant Sportz’s very own Decay of Nations and Operation TET Offensive, as well as monthly MFOG (Magfed Only Games) that are often held at SC Village.


Magfed and Pump games are incredibly fun, and involve a different style of game play, where tactics and accuracy win over spray and pray accuracy through firepower, and there is a friendly rivalry and camaraderie between both style (many pump players play magfed and vice versa) so we decided to do something awesome, and introduce the Paintball Masters, with the first event being held at the World Famous SC Village. Two teams, with a limit of 100 players per team would compete to see who could win between Magfed and Pump.  Every player had limited paintballs, and 6 twenty minute matches were played with 4 flags on each field. So Cal Stock turned up en masse alongside the Hitmen and Footclan and helped the pump players gain an advantage in numbers and win the first event, though the Magfed crew will be back with reinforcements in August at Hollywood Sports to see if they can win the title (and the limited edition patches) back!