Bear Degidio’s The Master Missions

The missions were designed to help players come together and experience new styles of paintball & airsoft games, learn how to work together and accomplish goals, teaching people how to come together as a a community… that’s why I did the missions.

These missions will be 30 minutes long, with 10 minutes of reincarnation and are a complete upgrade from the first series of “The Missions” to take your game to the next level.

6 New Advanced Paintball & Airsoft Missions: 

  1. Last Stand: Who can survive until the end?
  2. Recovery: Find a hidden objective and return it to base
  3. The Alamo: Can you defend a fortified position while greatly outnumbered?
  4. Gettysburg: No loaders or magazines, players must hand feed their guns one shot at a time.
  5. Touchdown: Football + Paintball/Airsoft = Center flag push using a football. The most touchdowns wins!
  6. Black Ops: Go behind enemy lines, discover the 3 hidden objectives and return to base.

Coming Soon to Hollywood Sports