Team Building with the LA Lakers

D’Angelo Russel and Jordan Clarkson are regulars down at Hollywood Sports Park and love to play paintball to de stress and help build the bond that makes a great team both on and off the basketball court.  After playing paintball for almost two years with Bear Degidio, Jordan Clarkson fell in love with paintball and rocks Giant Tactical gear head to toe when he plays while rocking brand new Jordans and Bape Sweatpants.

ESPN Magazine and Sam Alinpour put together an amazing profile of the pair in this months issue, make sure you read it here.


“It gets us talking, trying to get to the same goal of beating the other team, so it all transfers over,” Clarkson says. But mostly “it’s us bonding, something where we can get away from the basketball stuff and have fun.”

We get all sorts of teams playing paintball at our parks in Los Angeles and San Diego, from sports (Professional Basketball, Professional Football) to business paintball gives teams the tools to improve their team work, communication and trust, whether its with the quarterback or Joe from Accounting. A day of paintball on our movie prop maps is the best way to improve your teamwork by using structured scenarios and missions, combined with debriefings at the end of each point.


I love to work with these professional athletes and other teams to build a custom made mission based on their own unique needs and objectives.  After a structured day of paintball missions your team will leave with improved:

  • Discipline skills
  • Team building
  • Increased communication
  • Developed leadership skills
  • Improved self confidence
  • Development of team spirit
  • Commitment to team objectives
  • Improved tactical and strategic thinking