What is Project Upgrade?

Most of you know me as someone who travels around the world and plays paintball, I've been playing since I was 10 years old. I've played on top pro teams such as Russian Legion, Dynasty Entourage, Moscow Red Storm. I've played around the world winning tournaments, I've won world championships, I'm a two time pro all star and I've really just grown up in teh sport. 

A lot of the things I've grown up learning I don't see a lot of players learning today. So thats why I want to focus on a new project I have, it's called Project Upgrade. It's going to be a tonne of free content by players for players to teach them how to play the game, how I grew up playing it - the proper way. You'll learn different fundamentals, different basics as well as bringing in top pro players like Alex Goldman, Dalton Vanderbyl, to top legends like Chris Lasoya to really teach you guys and really expose a different side of the game than most of you are probably used to. 

I'll be doing a bunch of new content at my instagram @BearDegidio and my youtube page as well as training sessions at the Giant Tactical Stadium at Hollywood Sports.  

You'll find it all here.