WOW – Operation TET Offensive at Giant San Diego was amazing, with over 200 players and teams (including LA Hitmen, Yuma Rattlers Magfed Samurai, SAS So Cal, Respawn Productions, Fatal Scenarios, OC Titans, Uniballers, SD Wolfpack , Bounty Hunters and many more) from around the West Coast Battling it out across a tonne of San Diego’s best scenario paintball maps.

The United States military forces were led by General Gizmo (AKA Tony Brock) with Callista as his XO, while the NVA was led by General Heckle (Bryan Porter) of Respawn Productions.

Big Paul, Danny Mumbles, James Skeleton and MikeE led the production and reffing crew down at San Diego along with local airsoft team SOAR Milsim to ensure the event ran nice and smooth, with over 25 different missions over two days.

Day one kicked off with Vietnamese forces having a home field advantage and quickly taking ground and holding the two respawn stations, allowing them to respawn mid field as well as picking up 100 points per hour, while the USA focused on taking independence palace and holding their mission objective in place.  Vietnam threw everything they could at the palace, but were not able to dislodge the defenders until after the mission time limit, giving the first mission points to USA forces.

US forces however were focused on defending the palace, and were not able to hold off Vietnamese attacks on the National Radio station, which they were attempting to attempting to take over to play General Ho Chi Min’s propaganda records over the airwaves.  The Vietnamese hold of the respawn stations allowed them to control the territory and push back towards the USA CP, while they were able to hold the radio station and win mission two.

USA General Gizmo was assassinated by a rocket attack during a chopper insert behind enemy lines for mission three, and vietnam continued to hold onto the flags for those valuable respawns and points at the top of every hour.

Later on during the Day the US forces were able to send a team of crack commandos to place the Agent Orange in the Vietnam water supply, as well as recovering the ammo and weapons caches during the Air America mission in neighbouring Laos. Both teams XOs lead recon missions behind enemy lines, reaching the flag stations and recovering vital intelligence, while special forces were dispatched to Saigon for Magfed missions to recover documents from the US Embassy before Vietnamese forces overran the Navy base.

Vietnamese snipers could not get their weaponry to work, while the US snipers from SAS took out their targets and accomplished their mission. Vietnam however still controlled the territory and had the numbers, overrunning the US forces in the city at the end of Day One.

Day two began with forces swapping Command Posts and the well organised Vietnam forces sending out SD Wolfpack to quickly take and hold the respawn stations. The battle continued as vietnamese forces were able to get their equipment down the Ho Chi Min trail and recover containers of the chemical defoliant “Agent Orange”.

Vietnamese forces sent their double agent behind US lines, where he was able to convince US forces of a false mission, before detonating a grenade

Suddenly, in one major push, the USA forces broke through the vietnamese lines and took one flag station, followed by the other. US forces regained territory, defending the airbase from the enemy. The vietnamese forces managed to flank the US, and sent a double agent behind enemy lines to demolish the USA command post.

The final battle for Saigon raged on Giant San Diego’s concrete and western fields, where US forces, after regaining ground during the second half of day  two thanks to “the draft” providing reinforcements drove back the NVA forces and gained the 500 points by pulling all three flags.

For the USA forces however, it wasn’t enough to get an overall victory, the NVA scoring a total of 4100 points compared to the USA’s 2800.

Thousands of dollars of prizes were given away at the end of the event, including paintball markers from Empire/BT and Modern Combat Sports, memberships to Giant San Diego, passes to Decay of Nations, Castle Splat A Lot and Fatal Scenarios events in Norcal, Giant Tactical gear and much much more.

Thanks to everyone who came out to OPERATION TET OFFENSIVE 2016, make sure you register for DECAY OF NATIONS 10, coming up in September at www.decayofnations.com