GTFAM DAY Saturday at Hollywood Sports

The GTFAM is a group of friends who love to play paintball (and airsoft!), founded in Southern California, and now around the world! They are friends, players, fathers, athletes, kids, entertainers, rappers and celebrities who come together for the love of the game. The GTFAM is built on loyalty and brotherhood amongst friends and players.
GTFAM Day is a special day at a Giant Park (Hollywood Sports, SC Village, California Paintball Park or Giant San Diego) where GTFAM from SoCal and around the world come together to enjoy epic battles, eat great food and play the sport they love with Giant Tactical founder РMe, Bear Degidio.  Unlike Giant Tactical Days which are planned out months in advance, GTFAM days are announced on the spur of the moment, usually the day before on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, so make sure you follow so you can roll deep with the GTFAM at our next event!