FACEFULL added as Official Media to Decay of Nations 10 at SC Village


FACEFULL is one of those names in paintball that has been around since the mid 2000s, when they started with one of the most professional paintball Magazines that the industry has seen, offering worldwide coverage on all aspects of the sport, as the internet took over, it took a break for a few years, before re emerging as Facefull-News.com. I’m pleased to announce that Facefull will be providing full event coverage and video footage in conjunction with beardegidio.com.

What is Decay of Nations?

Decay of nations 10, it’s going to be huge! It’s going to be crazy! It’s going to be Epic! I’m playing on the Popes Contractors alongside a legend in the game – Budd Orr. We’ll be playing against UNA and EKRON. It’s a two day, 24 hour game, theres going to be tanks, theres going to be rocket launchers, theres going to be clowns – you get to shoot the clowns. It’s going to be epic guys, it’s going to be the most fun event of the year on the West Coast – it’s the biggest event of the year, over 2000 players.

It’s DECAY OF NATIONS – it’s one event you can’t miss. You can play paintball all year, but if you didn’t play Decay of Nations 10 – you didn’t play paintball! This event is going to be the pinnacle of the year, it’s going to be the best one we’ve ever thrown. You guys have gotta come out, not only because I’ll be there but because it’s going to be AMAZING! I need you guys there, I need people to shoot at, I need people to shoot at me.


Check out the epic battle field below, where we’ll be playing across almost ALL of the World Famous SC Villages maps over two days and one night!