BEARSCUP – Summer Open

Last weekend’s BEARSCUP Summer Open at Hollywood Sports very own Giant Tactical Stadium was LIT!

Huge congratulations to Giant Tactical Factory who took out the win and walked away with FIVE brand new Empire Axe Paintball guns. ¬†Thanks to all the amazing teams who came, played fair and made the event run smoothly with 6 rounds of prelim matches. Shout out to Three Time Champs “Vendetta” in their new Jerseys taking out 4th place, Hitmen taking out 3rd and SoCal Exclusive with a hard won 2nd placing. Special shout out goes to our youngest tournament player balling hard for Purge Boys!

Winners Giant Tactical Factory are a new team consisting of entertainer Travis Mills, who after playing for a month and training as part of the “Project Upgrade” program was able to win the event with friend and famed photographer Emilio Sanchez (who also trained with Project Upgrade) and 3 SoCal veterans: Jordan King, Alex Keys and Ryan Martin.

BEARSCUP is now in it’s 15th season, continuing it’s history of training and growing the future of the sport of paintball. ¬†It gets players competing, teaches them the fundamentals of the game and gives them the reason to live, learn and grind each and every weekend at the Giant Tactical Arena at Hollywood Sports. Keep an eye out for a soon to be announced Bearscup Pump event as well as the National Champs coming up on November 12th at Hollywood Sports.