Training Session 1 at Hollywood Sports


These Training Sessions are about giving back to the players, training the youth and improving the future of the game. Each session will make players become better athletes and more fundamentally sound.  I love playing and teaching paintball and have taught clinics around the world in Milan, Paris, Malaysia, London, Miami and beyond.

These training sessions take the drills that I teach as part of Project Upgrade and take them to the next level. We will focus on techniques and drills to improve your game and give you the winning edge such as:

  • Running and Shooting
  • Snap Shooting
  • Improving Your Accuracy
  • Form and Technique
  • Field Walking
  • Breakout Drills
  • Posting Up
  • Wrapping
  • Bunkering
  • Communication
  • Closing out the Game

Training sessions are suitable for all levels of experience, with some focusing on beginners, while other advanced level training sessions being added as players gain more experience.

Email [email protected] to host a Training Session in your city.