Bear goes to Decay of Nations 10 – The Biggest Game on the West Coast!

Wow, what a weekend! I can’t believe that after all the planning, hard work and gameplay that Decay of Nations 10 is finally over.  What an amazing and historical weekend! It was our biggest Decay yet, with over 2000 people at SC Village over the weekend.  Massive congratulations to team EKRON for taking out the weekend and winning (only just, it was very, very close on day two!) on overall points under the leadership of General Lobo and his army of Magfed players.

For those who don’t know, Decay of Nations is our the largest paintball scenario game on the West Coast of the United States and held every year at the World Famous SC Village. Over two days and one night players from around the world take part in a wide range of missions across almost all of our parks fields, gaining points for their generals for each successful mission accomplished, as well as night games for the most hard core players and a final “bloodbath” style battle to finish it all off.

All the big names in paintball were there, from current pro players, scenario experts, paintball legends and celebrity paintballers. Play a few missions and you might find yourself coming up against Chris Lasoya, Ryan Greenspan, Mr H or even the legendary Budd Orr, creator of the Autococker (who spend a bit of time checking out the legendary shed where WGP began at SC Village on Friday).

Early on during Saturday’s missions saw a working alliance between two of the factions – UNA (Led by General Lurch) and my team, The Popes Contractors (Led by the the two Sonnys) against the numerically superior forces of EKRON. Missions were launched every 30 minutes from mission control (run by the ever capable team of Big Paul, Danny Mumbles and Mike from Giant San Diego).  Teams went searching for weapons caches, nukes, scud missiles, rescued downed pilots and defended POWs, full scale armored battles between tanks, pugs and mechs, and even a backroom game of cards against humanity took place to score points for each team.

While this was all going on, teams Hitmen and Destiny were taking part on another huge event, an attempt at the world record for the longest paintball game, aiming to defeat the record held by the Canadians which was around 24 hours. After more back to back points that you’d want to count, no sleep and 100+ degree temperatures, the two teams completed the game, with one of the Hitmen playing every single point without a break on our Bosnia field that was streamed live around the world.

At the end of it all EKRON took it out on points, though it was very closed to a combined UNA/Popes Forces victory near the end. Then the awards ceremony began where players were awarded for best kill, scenario team, sportsmanship awards and more while one of the biggest paintball raffles kicked off, where players walked away with markers, loaders, masks, gear bags, vouchers, apparel and more thanks to our sponsors, media and supporters including but not limited to:  Giant Tactical, Facefull, HK Army, Raza, Dye Paintball, Azodin, Defy, Dangerous Power, Niche Paintball, Modern Combat Sports, Valken, Empire, GXG, Enola Gaye,, Planet Eclipse, Tippmann, APX Paintballs, Armagillo, Precision Performance, Rhinotech, Lapco, FATE, Time2Paintball, CCPaintball, Paintballgateway, Mountainview Paintball, Magfed Proshop, Magup Tactical, Bravos Wraps, Modern Day Pirates, Fatal Scenarios, Top Rank, UWL, Respawn Productions, SAS, I&I Sports, Pooty Paintball, Mai Realty


Stay tuned for information on next years Decay of Nations 11, along with other scenario games such as Operation TET Offensive 2017 and Operation Black Shield 7 at