Bear D'Egidio is widely considered to be one of the top five paintball ambassadors in the world. Having gotten his start on the paintball field at the young age of 8, Bear had the unique opportunity to grow up around many of the biggest professional paintball players and industry leaders the sport has ever seen.

As a professional paintballer himself, Bear has played on a wide variety of Pro teams around the world including Dynasty Entourage, Mutiny, Russian Legion and most recently TEAM USA 2015 World Champion team at the World Cup in Asia. He has been named to the National Professional Paintball League all-star team twice and in 2014 became the official live webcast host for the international Millennium Series. Bear is also one of the most sought after paintball clinicians, being flown around the world dozens of times a year to provide training seminars to teams, and field owners and event organizers on both marketing and sales training to help grow their businesses.

Off the field, Bear is responsible for founding the Giant Tactical, the in-house apparel and product brand for the Giant Sportz organization. What originally started as a few soft good items has grown in to a national and international enterprise that provides high quality paintball products to countries all over the world. Bear serves as the day to day operations director of Giant Tactical and creative director of the brand, also provides the majority of the product development and insight.

With a marketing and promotions career that spans over a decade, Bear has played an integral role in all of the branding, packaging and development for Giant Tactical’s large number of product SKUs and national marketing campaigns with companies that range from Carl’s Jr., to 7- Eleven to Sport Chalet. As the director of the world’s #1 paintball & airsoft chain Giant Sportz, bear has developed a unique talent in creating campaigns and marketing roll outs with product and events. It was this extensive experience that assisted with his transition into PARTÈ Company.

PARTÈ Company, a luxury men’s grooming essentials company, recently developed, Style Paste matte clay. PARTÈ benefits from Bear’s knowledge of ecommerce and direct-to-consumer sales experience, helping to propel the men’s hairstyling product into one of the fastest growing products in the industry. By taking social media outreach and combining it with direct face-to-face interaction with owners of different barber shops, salons and boutiques, Bear has been able to customize PARTÈ to meet the specific needs of both the consumer and retailer. It’s this reason that PARTÈ has been able to create its own space in the hair product industry in such a short time. During his extensive worldwide travels for paintball events and other business, Bear has had an incredible opportunity to sample and test different types of waxes, clays and pomades, which he used to help specialize the PARTÈ Style Paste & Style Pomade formula. Being only that he is 25 year old, it’s his young creativity mixed with his personal experience and likes that make PARTÈ so unique. With additional variations and products lined up, including a vanilla fragrance, and new pomades and matte clay’s, PARTÈ stands poised to be an industry-leading men’s grooming company in the near future. You can visit

In 2016, Bear D'Egidio has continued his tournament paintball series, BEARSCUP, which is one of the longest running tournament paintball series in the world, spanning the course of 15 seasons. The event is ran at Hollywood Sports Park and is a breading ground for paintball athletes. Staying constantly active in marketing and design with his various brands you can see Bear involved in a variety of avenues and businesses he owns, and works with. You can follow him on his Instagram

2018, Bear Degidio has continued the role as Designer/Operator of Giant Tactical clothing & performance gear, as well as operating Men Grooming CO. a unique new men grooming company.