Be the best you. Bear Degidio

Moral of the story, social media can warp your whole perspective on life. Remember everyone has issues, everyone’s got struggles, everyone will have successes in their life, focus on you. Stay in your lane & let everyone else worry about themselves. The world’s a big place, get lost in it, travel it, absorb it, and live it. Don’t be consumed with everyday hassles, and nitpicking what you do and don’t have. Focus on the now, focus on the beautiful people around you, the loyal ones in your life, focus on building your team rather then putting people down. Focus on becoming the best version of you, and helping those around you reach their highest level of potential. Tomorrow hasn’t come yet and there’s nothing for you in yesterday. Live for today 🙏🏻 

shout out to making memories with my boys @imanthonytruj @imchancesutton @jakepaul #SizeUpOnLife #GetInWhereYouFitIn #CaniLive